Federal and State False Claims Acts have been the most successful weapon in combating fraud against taxpayers. Since 1986, more than $33 billion has been recovered by federal and state governments across the United States as a result of false claims lawsuits.

Federal and State False Claims Acts prohibit any individual or business from submitting, or causing someone else to submit, to the government a false or fraudulent claim for payment. These false claims acts apply to all types of goods, services and government contracting, and have been particularly effective in combating:

Health Care (Medicare and Medicaid) Fraud
Pharmaceutical Fraud
Defense Contracting Fraud
Energy (Oil and Gas) Contracting Fraud
Iraq Reconstruction Fraud
Disaster Relief Fraud
Construction and Procurement Fraud
Research Fraud
Financial Industry Fraud

Federal and State False Claims Acts have been so effective in fighting fraud because they encourage ordinary citizen whistleblowers to come forward and file a lawsuit in the name of all taxpayers. These lawsuits, known as qui tam lawsuits, bring to light fraud on the government that would likely have gone undetected without the hard work and courage of whistleblowers.

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